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Vastyking Compression Stocking in our Warehouse

Ready Goods Service

Worldwide Fast Delivery

In general, our minimum order quantity 1200 pairs socks. In order to meet the demand of small batch purchase for hospitals or amazon buyer, they may only need 50 pairs to 100 pairs for each times.

We would like to help them reduce inventory pressure and make fast delivery,
We have prepared some ready goods and keep in our factory warehouse,
these goods are all basic style thigh highs and calf, color black or skin, when customers want to replenish goods, we can deliver them immediately by Courier. Please check with us for quantity, style, size, compression level and colors carefully if you want to buy small batch from Vastyking. Also, the price will be expensive than place a customized order to us.

Retail Packing Box: We have also designed a vastyking retail box for this purpose