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Universal Clinic Collar Keep your Neck in Safe Posture

Cervical vertebra is the most frequent part of our body, which is responsible for carrying the heavy responsibility of the head. For example, when we watch the mobile phone, with the forward movement of the head, the head causes pressure on the cervical vertebra. If the cervical vertebra is under too much pressure for a long time, it will slowly undergo degenerative changes. This change occurs from the physiological morphology, once it occurs, it is difficult to cure.

  • When the cervical vertebra inclines to 0 °, its bearing weight is 5kg.
  • When the cervical vertebra inclines to 15 ° angle, its bearing weight is 12 kg.
  • When the cervical vertebra inclines 30 °, its bearing weight is 18 kg.
  • When the cervical vertebrae incline to 45 ° angle, its bearing weight is 22 kg.
  • When the cervical vertebra inclines to 60 ° angle, its bearing weight is 30 kg.

We offer several style of collar support:


Size : S/M/L


Low density sized foam collar to provide consistent support. Stockinette cover provided for better patient hygiene. Comfortable for night time wear.

Indications : Ideal for supporting the cervical spine in neutral position, and relief of muscle tension and treatment of minor neck pain or injuries (including whiplash).

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Size :Universal(Neck Circum 14-16″)

Adjustable Neck Collar

Ergonomics Design, Accord with physiological curve of neck,comfortable to wear; Adjustable sliding rotary knob easy to adjust circumference; Opening design at side of neck convenient for wear in first aid and nursing.

Indications : Prevention and adjuvant treatment of cervical syndrome such as cervical spondylosis and cervical muscle strain, cervical degenerative spondylitis, fracture or surgery.

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Size : Universal( Neck Circum:13-19″)


Three tier /Single Layer Tubing

Inflatable neck traction device has a soft head and neck support. Helps keep neck warm and serves as a reminder to limit head and neck motion. Made of PVC and Flannel.

Indications : Prevent and relieve neck and Shoulder tension. Reducing neck, shoulder, and back pain while working, studying, driving, etc.

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For Shoulder:

Size : Universal

Adjustable Orthopedic shoulder Wrap

Ok cloth+plastic ring+high quality vercle. Suitable for periarthritis of shoulder, and the shoulder sprain. Buckle closure strap for ease of application and removal. Attention to keep clean in use, put in the dry and ventilated place, out of moisture.

Indications : Shoulder dislocation, joint injury postoperative fixed abduction, humerus surgical neck fracture, impact syndrome, shoulder cuff muscle damage.

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Size :S/M/L


Lightweight and net cloth structure making it cool and breathable. Designed to help keep shoulders back and limit clavicle movement during treatment of clavicular fractures. Three velcro adjustments or an excellent fit and even support.

Indications : Ideal for clavicle fracture and postural problems.

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