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Spinal Back Brace Keep your Spinal Healthy

The reason of high incidence of lumbar disease: the destruction of modern life and work style to human movement mode. Long time sitting and ambush work make the joints of thoracic vertebra and hip joint, which are in charge of flexible functions, not flexible. Instead, the lumbar vertebra, which is in charge of the compensation of stable functions, is overburdened, resulting in various lumbar diseases. The treatment methods are as follows:

  • Dehydration treatment (intravenous drip);
  • Closed needle therapy (local injection);
  • Oral analgesics;
  • External plaster application;
  • Strength training
  • Surgical treatment
Our products can protect lumbar vertebrae from injury and strain during the treatment or in the rehabilitation stage after operation.

Size : S/M/L/XL


Simple bolt structure for stabilizing the lumbar spine orthosis Fast binding structure (simple bolt structure) makes the lumbar spine pressure stable and easy to adjust. Suitable for all-day wear, can be used for patients with low back pain, such as manual workers and sports enthusiasts.

Indications : Pain caused by muscular dysfunction of the lumbar segment of the erector spine and pain of the facet joints of the intervertebral spine. Lumbar ligament injury, mild lumbar joint loosening, lumbar surgery syndrome

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The waist flexion, extension and rotation to be controlled when wearing,there is 6 removable steel supports inside, in order to provide stable support for the waist and back. Lower back compression belt design, increase abdominal pressure, reduce lumbar load. The main body is made of mesh fabric with good air permeability.

Indications : Lumbar pain; Chronic lumbar strain; Degenerative lumbar spine disease.

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Size : Universal

Thorcolumbar Brace

Limit thoracolumbar flexion,extension and rotation. Provide stable support. Polymer plastic sheet, high strength, light weight. Horizontal and vertical size is adjustable, suitable for a wide range of people. Two-piece front and back construction to provide a solid, stable support for the spine. Paste lined design, effectively increase abdominal pressure to ensure the stability of the thoracolumbar. Waist airbag design, making patient wear more comfortable.

Indications : Thoracolumbar stability fracture, spondylolisthesis, injury fixed after surgery, vertebral body lesions.

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Why does the disc protrude? How not to let the intervertebral disc protrude? After all, it’s too late after the disc herniation. It’s very troublesome to treat. So the best treatment is prevention. Our products are not only used for the rehabilitation stage after treatment, but also for prevention. In case of discomfort in the back, buttocks, crotch, lumbosacral and other parts, you must not be reluctant to bear it, and timely relax yourself or seek the help of a professional doctor.


Size : S/M/L/XL


Fully adjustable vented and breathable elastic side panels. Five stays for extra support. Back crossover heavy duty elasticized double-pull mechanism provides effective, easily adjustable compression.

Indications : Ideal support for lower back strain and spine posture correction. Provides firm support for acute or chronic lower back muscle pain.

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Size : S/M/L/XL


Elastic support with double side pull compression straps. Helps alleviate pain caused from muscle strain by relieving stress on the lower spine. Unique ventilated elastic construction making it cool and breathable.

Indications : Ideal support for lower back strain and spine posture correction. Provides firm support for acute or chronic lower back muscle pain.

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Size : S/M/L/XL/XXL


Designed to gently keep the shoulders back for proper posture control. Reinforced design helps restore appearance and reduce back strain. Dynamic support with a light structure in aluminum alloy that extends and immobilizes the spinal column. The support is provided by the pressure of the paravertebral bars and by the counter-pressure of the shoulder straps.

Indications : Ideal to help treat back strain and postural problems.

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In addition, we have specially designed a lumbar support for pregnant women before childbirth


Size : S/M/L/XL


Lifts and supports abdomen and transfers the weight evenly and comfortably to provide pain relief across the back, hips and abdomen. Helps reduce strain on soft tissue. Adjustable to expand as your pregnancy progresses, and low profile to wear discretely under clothes.

Indications : Helps to relieve lower back discomfort during pregnancy.

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