Vastyking Compression Stocking & Socks Manufacturer

Are you looking for a compression stocking supplier? Fancy seeing you here! We are produce high-quality compression socks and price is reasonable. Products including Varicose Socks; Anti-embolism Stockings; Compression Wrap; Open Toe Knee High Stocking, Anti-Embolism Sleeve, Compression Sport Socks, Compression Stockings with Liner, Zippered Compression Stocking, Plantar Fasciitis Night Sock.

Medical Compression Stocking

Recommended in hospital or clinic, it is mainly used for prevention before surgery or rehabilitation after surgery, Anti-embolism, and prevention of DTV…

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Compression Socks for women

It can be used in the daily varicose compression therapy of women, as well as for the elderly and pregnant women, also nurses and flight attendants who need long-term standing work.

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Compression Pantyhose

If you prefer to order legging instead of socks, we provide the style of pantyhose for buyer. We have designed regular styles with toe, open toe, even Maternity compression pantyhose for pregnant women…

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Compression Sleeve

The Socks fabrics are so soft and comfortable to wear; The compression effect of high elastic yarn is remarkable. We also provide compression sleeves, compression ankle sleeves, knee compression sleeves ect.

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Vastyking Compression Stocking

We even could supply you the compression stocking in retail packing, you could sales in your store directly or send to Consumer from your warehouse.

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Thigh Highs Regular



Calf sleeve

The Secret of Success: Compression Stocking Business

Sales compression stocking is a really good business for your succeed, I would like to share a story about one of our client, who have no any experience for sales medical products. He sales the compression stocking online, In the first year of order from us, he made US$150000, but the total invest amount was only $40000, and the profits were more than 5 times.

Small investment, good harvest, Quick money back, no worry about overstocking stock. Compression socks are always in basic style, color skin and black. Here are some brands of compression stocking and retail prices:

1 Absolute Support $27.95
2 Jobst $49.95
3 Sigvaris $62.36
4 Medi $45.41
5 Juzo $64.04
6 Relaxsan $37.99
7 Mojo Socks(Sport) $24.99

Safety buying from us

Guarantee 1

Each compression socks from us are made by Germany knitting machine Merz, which is the only recognized machine in the world to produce socks with graduated compression at medical level.

Guarantee 2

CE and FDA Certificate and Compliant factory. Product 100% inspection before delivery.

Guarantee 3

Use the good quality yarn, best Spandex, Oko-Tex standard 100. If you order Lycra, we will give you hang tag accordingly.