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Who need the our Compression Stocking?

  • The People with lower extremity venous diseases and high risk of deep venous thrombosis (Including patients after major surgery, patientswith malignant tumors, hemiplegia, patients with lower extremity fractures, the elderly, etc.)
  • Pregnant women and people taking contraceptives for a long time.
  • Long-time sedentary or standing working people (doctor and nurse, teacher, flight or shop service people, traffic police, kitch people,etc.)

We supply color beige(skin) and Black in a few quantity, but buyer also could order the others color as you want.

Solid color Fashion either

Beside compression therapy, Compression socks is very fashion item for casual wear.


Size : S/M/L/XL


Provide moderate graduated compression to help energize and revitalize the legs-ideal when sitting or standing for extended periods. Graduated compression technology delivers a compressive action to the leg that is greatest at the ankle, then gradually decreases toward the heart. Classic, lightweight and fashionable sheer fabrics. Soft stay-up top for all-day comfort. Open toe design is ideal for use with open toe footwear. Fit by ankle and calf circumference, and by leg length from heel at floor to bend in knee.

Materials : Nylon, Spandex

Indications : Moderate support to help relieve tired legs, minor ankle, leg, and foot swelling, and minor varicose veins.

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Size : S/M/L/XL


Help to treatment and relief of leg un-comfortable Which caused by varicose veins.promoting venous blood reflux. Spandex fibers and high density weaving,promoting venous blood reflux. spandex fibers and high density weaving, providing step-by-step progressive compression. Breathable and Soft Yarn knit, make the socks Durable and Comfortable when touch with skin. Reinforced heel and toe, Fitting Leg Curve: Grading Pressure to Relieve the Tiredness even you standing or setting all day long.

Materials : Nylon, Spandex

Indications : Vascular Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopaedics, Surgical Patients, Bed-ridden Patients.

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Customized Order Services

We could do really fashion compression socks for you-our client! We do dip dye socks as long as your order quantity can meet our MOQ 1200 pcs. In the meantime,we do not suggest you do compression stocking in jacquard like leopard, multi-color, as this construction will less the compression level, it is not good as a compression therapy products.