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COMPRESSION STOCKING pantyhose open toe

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COMPRESSION STOCKING pantyhose regular

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How to choose compression stocking by size?

***Size spec. sheet

Measurement(cm:lay flat on the table) S M L XL
The circum at Ankle 17-21 21-23 23-27 25-30
The circum at the widest of Calf Belly 28-34 29-38 32-41 34-44
The circum at the widest of Thigh 39-52 44-58 48-62 52-68
Length(From under Hip to the Heel) ~102 ~113 122 ~132

If you need order size Plus, XXL or 3XL?

Please send us size spec. sheet, we will make sample for approval, then proceed with bulk. In order to make full size compression socks, Our factory own all spec. Merz machine which from Germany.

Needle density :320,360,420,452

Syringe size : 4.25″;4.75″;5.5″;6″

Legging Max diameter : 20-22cm

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Pregnent Compression Pantyhose

We also make compression Pantyhose for Pregnant woman

Help in bearing the extra weight of abdomen, help the spine to reduce the burden, relieve the pressure of bone disc, effectively protect pregnant women, and more conducive to postnatal rehabilitation.

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