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Why must use the Achilles Tendon Support?

I have the experience of ankle sprain, which is that I accidentally stepped on two empty steps at night and slipped, and then swollen the next day. It doesn’t hurt very much, but it hurts when I walk. I tried to apply a lot of Medicine on it to reduce the swelling, because I can be sure that there is no fracture, and I haven’t been good for six months. Why? Because the ankle and Achilles tendon are the necessary parts for walking and daily activities. Once walking, they will sink and sprain their ankles again, so as long as you move, they will not be good. If you want to recover, fixation is a must

We could use the knitting support for fix the ankle joint, some compression sleeve Silica gel inside, will help for support.

Size : S/M/L/XL


Elastic support for improved stability. The open tow with closed heel design and ultra-light material is comfortable but still offers compressive support and increased circulation.

Indications : Aching joints and muscle, edema, tender tissues.

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We could make better fixed by STABILIZING ANKLE BRACE

Size : S/M/L/XL


OK fabrics and nylon velcro in good quality wrap the ankle for comfort, performance, and durability. Buckle and lock straps provide support and control inversion/eversion. Fits easily into athletic or street shoe. Fits right or left ankle.

Indications : Ankle sprains, chronic ankle instability.

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Size : S/M/L/XL


Designed to hold the foot in a neutral position during sleep, thereby helping to alleviate the morning pain and discomfort associated with plantar fasciitis. Lightweight and sturdy shell with adjustable straps and comfortable padding.

Indications : Plantar Fasciitis.

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Size : Universal

Ankle Brace with Airbag

Thermoplastic panels provide stable ankle support the medial inflator ensure fit to ankle shape to enhance the fix effect. Adjustable straps designed to be worn more applicable. Overlap design to make it comfortable when brace wear.

Indications : External fixation of ankle after ankle sprain or ankle soft tissue well as after cast removal healing.

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