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Vastyking is a Manufacturer of Medical Knitify in China.

Specialize in Medical knitting support, Graduated compression stocking, Orthopaedics External fixing Bracket, Supports, Wrap, Splints, Braces for Orthoses & Rehabilitation.

Products covering plenty of products in the trauma Orthopaedic, Spinal orthopedic, Joint orthopedic, Sports Rehabilitation medicine field.

At Vastyking, We are all about making better medical products and service for you – our clients. How we achieve that? due to we think you are important customer of us, follow up the order carefully, each worker in our factory is very active, enthusiastic and attentive to ensure product quality, hope every customer could feels the heart and love when they received the products from our factory.

Except the people, we use the best circular knitting machines in the World. Which is Germany machine Brand called “Merz”, the true medical compression level can knit graduated compression in order to overcome the harm of human beings caused by gravity after human upright walking. Although it is stunning expensive machine, we even own Complete specifications in order to make full size socks and sleeve.

Also, Our Factory is Passed the CE and FDA certification and also ISO13485 compliant. Interested in our product or having any business plan, please feel free to contact us. We manufacture according to your specified requirements, provide OEM and ODM service. Also, WORLDWIDE AGENT is welcome. Vastyking makes it easy for you to efficiently build your business.

Vastyking have an excellent reputation for quality, efficiency with competitive Price.


Would you like to learn more about our products or you have a question you need to ask? If so, get in touch with us right now. We’ll be more than happy to assist.

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Our Vision

The result we aspire: first class quality products for every joint. In the field of orthopedic supplies, need us actively develop new product solutions to meet current care requirements.or even needing personal customize achieve by new technology of 3D printing. Our team could deicated to develop protective supports for various anatomical parts of the human body. As well as better compression therapy elastic socks, our know how is based on state of the serious attitude combined with many years of experience in manufacturing technology. In the nearly future,we will be a good assistant for orthopedist.

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We’d love to have you here. In fact, we may be looking for agency of sales channel, but “orthopaedic service team” is better, whom could give orthopedics supplies solutions to a operation in your local hospital; clarify how to use the products and device; provide an optimum spare supplies from local warehouse.

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