Product Category of Orthopaedic Supplies

As a china Orthopaedic Supplies manufacturer, vastyking has a solid and unrivaled reputation when it comes to manufacturing high-quality medical products. We specialize in Wrist Wrap, Finger Brace, Patella protect strap, Knee Wrap, Knee Support, Shoulder Wrap, Thocolumbar Brace, Wrist Support, Night Splint, Ankle Brace, Achilles Tendon Support, Clinic Collar, Neck Collar, Arm Sling, Elbow Splint, Compass-Pro hinged knee brace.

Moreover, all our products are world-class and designed to offer you the best solutions to Neck/Cervical, back/lumbar, Knee, Ankle, Elbow, Wrist, Hip, Shoulder all joint Medical comfortable, and high-quality Orthopaedics External fixing Bracket. That’s why our medical products offer you great value for your money.

Spinal Back Brace

Spinal orthopedic External fixing bracket, keep the spine straight and no incline, provide effective protection without restricting daily activities…

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Hinged Knee Brace

Through control and limit knee flexion and extension, Leg movement without disturbing the knee joint . The wrap around knee support make comforter when wear …

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Wrist Support

Joint orthopedic brace, Provide wrist support, compression wrap therapy, keep warm, assist in the protection and rehabilitation of the treatment process.

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Elbow Splint

Trauma Orthopaedic Supplies, It is used for bandaging and fixation, good out look when wearing, support protect when rehabilitation in order to prevent 2nd injury…

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Achilles Tendon Support

Sports medicine Brace, Under the condition of necessary footstep activity, the recovery time of ankle can not be prolonged any more, and the function can be recovered by proper small amount of movement…

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Universal Clinic Collar

The maintenance of cervical vertebra is very important. The long-term use of smart phone and computer by modern people results in the excessive load of neck, which accelerates the decline with the increase of age…

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